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What is LIGHT?

LIGHT is an annual meeting organized in 2014 to explore the possibilities of retinal laser treatment emerging from a new and rapidly improving understanding of the mechanisms of retinal laser effects.

These insights are leading to a new and better understanding of the causes of retinal disease, and thus new approaches to disease treatment and prevention.

LIGHT is dedicated to the idea that these uniquely laser-accessed innovations and insights will be key contributors to the future management of the most important retinal causes of visual loss.

Who should attend LIGHT?

At its core, LIGHT attendees and presenters include the leading clinical and basic science researchers in retinal laser therapy worldwide. But LIGHT is intended for all interested clinicians and investigators eager to expand their scientific and clinical horizons. Are topics esoteric? Sometimes. But improving clinical outcomes is always the bottom line.

What are LIGHT meetings like?

LIGHT meetings are unique. A limited number of papers are presented, with the authors given ample time (10 minutes) to present their findings clearly and completely. Then, after each paper presentation, and additional 10 minutes is allotted for questions and answers, and discussion open to all meeting attendees. It is in these discussions that the value of LIGHT is most apparent, and appreciated by attendees. Papers are thus chosen for their quality, importance and relevance, but also for their novelty and potential to stimulate vigorous (and mostly polite) discussion of important topics and areas of controversy. Conversations can continue into meeting breaks, lunch, and the post-meeting reception.

Who can submit an abstract for LIGHT presentation?

Anyone. Abstracts are reviewed and selected for meeting presentation by the LIGHT BOD.

How can I attend LIGHT?

Register now.

LIGHT Board of Directors

David Kent, MD    Ireland

Maciej Gawecki, MD, PhD  Poland

Stephen H Sinclair, MD   USA

Kishiko Ohkoshi, MD, PhD    Japan

Maurizio Battaglia-Parodi, MD, PhD    Italy

Igor Kozak, MD    Slovakia, and UAE

Stela Vujosevic MD, PhD    Italy

Past LIGHT Directors

Daniel Lavinsky, MD   Brazil

Daniel Palanker, PhD  USA

Jan Keunen, MD, PhD   The Netherlands

Fernando Arevalo, MD, PhD  USA

Burt M. Glaser, MD   USA

Johann Roider, MD  Germany

Jeffrey K Luttrull, MD  USA

Edoardo Midena, MD, PhD  Italy

Executive Director

Jeffrey K Luttrull, MD   USA