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Annual Meeting


LIGHT 2017 Barcelona was a resounding success! Thank you to all who attended and participated! Please look for the announcement of our 4th Annual Meeting in coming months!

LIGHT 2017 September 6th:

Hotel Vincci Maritimo, Barcelona, Spain

September 6, 2017

Final Program

New for 2017: Case Presentations and Discussion. Cases should illustrate key concepts or novel retinal laser applications. Each selected case will be allotted 3 minutes for presentation and 7 minutes for discussion. Submit your case via the Abstract Submission page and identify as “Case Presentation” under “One sentence objective”

Final Program:

7:30-8:00 am: Coffee


8:00 – Welcome: Jordi Mones, MD, PhD, Barcelona Program Chairman. Institut de la Màcula, Barcelona Macula Foundation, Barcelona, Spain.


Moderators: Matthew Katz, MD USA and David Kent, MD, Ireland

8:10 – Role of HSP70 and TRPV1 in cell survival and functions of RPE cells following thermal irradiations with different temperature increases. Miura Y, Kern K, Saskia B, Brinkmann R. Institute of Biomedical Optics, University of Luebeck, Germany.


8:30 – Gene expressions after subthreshold micropulse laser photocoagulation using DNA microarray assay in primary human retinal pigment epithelial cells. Inagaki K, Ohkoshi K. St. Lukes International Hospital, Tokyo, Japan.


8:50 – Laser Therapy Can Rescue Photoreceptors in a Rodent Model of Retinitis Pigmentosa Associated with MERTK Mutation. Palanker D1, Sengbum K2, Yi Q1, Roopa D1. Stanford University, Palo Alto, USA1 , Catholic University of Korea, Seoul, S. Korea2.


9:10- Effect on Vision of Eyes with Atrophic AMD Undergoing Panmacular Micropulse Laser Treatment. Sinclair SH1, Blatchy T2, Luttrull JK2. Drexel University, Philadelphia, USA1 , Ventura, California, USA2.


9:30 – Break


Moderators: Jordi Mones, MD, PhD Spain and Ralf Brinkmann, PhD Germany

10:10 – Comparison of continuous-wave and micropulse modulation in retinal laser therapy. Palanker D, Wang J, Roopa D. Stanford University, Palo Alto, USA.


10:30 – Does wavelength matter in “LIGHT” retinal laser therapy? Dorin G. Retinal Protection Sciences, LLC, Ojai, USA


10:50- Drusen Ooze: A novel hypothesis for age-related geographic atrophy. J Mones, M Garcia, M Biarnes, A Lakkaraju, L Ferraro. Instituto de la Macular and Bareclona Macular Foundation, Spain.


11:10 –Drusen laser study – who should we treat and what endpoints should we use.V Chong, P Sim, L Pearce, M Harris. Royal Free Hospital, London, England


11:30- Subthreshold diode micropulse laser (SDM) reduces the incidence of new choroidal neovascularization in dry age-related macular degeneration. Luttrull JK1, Elmann S2, Glaser B2 Ventura, California, USA1 , National Retina Institute, Towson, USA2


11:50 – Lunch


Moderators: Stela Vujosevic, MD, PhD Italy and Daniel Palanker, PhD, USA

1:30 – Temperature Controlled Retinal Laser Treatments. Brinkmann R, v d Burchard, Lawin M, Schmarbeck B, Miura Y, Birngruber M, Roider J, Koinzer S. Institute of Biomedical Optics, University of Luebeck, Germany.


1:50 – Comparison of the tissue response of Selective Retina Therapy with or without Real-time Feedback-controlled Dosimetry. Roh YJ, Kim M. Department of ophthalmology, Catholic University of Korea


2:10 – Serious complications of micropulse laser surgery. Kuenen JEE1, Luttrull JK2. Nijmegen University Medical Center1 Nijmegen, The Netherlands, Ventura, California, USA2


2:30 – Subthreshold laser treatment for persistent serous retinal detachment due to tilted disc syndrome. Ohkoshi K, Minowa Y. St Luke’s International Hospital, Tokyo, Japan


2:50 – Subthreshold Micropulse in Primary Foveal Telangiectasia. Katz MSJ, Sgrignoli B, Mahadevi P, McLaughlin, Katz B. National Retina Institute, Baltimore, Maryland USA


3:10 – Break


Moderators: Victor Chong, MD England and Stephen Sinclair, MD USA

3:35 – Panmacular subthreshold diode micropulse laser (SDM) as neuroprotective therapy in primary open angle glaucoma. Kent D1, Samples JR2, Lum B3, Luttrull JK4. The Vision Clinic, Kilkenny, Ireland1, The Eye Clinic, Portland, Ore, USA2, Ventura Ophthalmology, Ventura, USA3, Ventura, California, USA4


3:55 – An Objective Analysis of Quality of Vision using Wavefront Aberrometry pre and post YAG vitreolysis. Singh I. The Eye Centers of Racine and Kenosha, Racine Wisconsin, USA


4:45 – Use of Big Data to identify Best Practices: Analysis of pooled electronic data shows panmacular subthreshold diode micropulse laser (SDM) reduces injection frequency in wet AMD. Luttrull JK, Blachley T. Ventura, California, USA.


5:05 – Cases


5;25 – 6:00 Reception